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My Five Favorite Blog Posts of 2009

I didn’t blog that much this year. Of the blog writing I did do, here are five entries I feel are worth your time:

Elmore Leonard Answers My Questions

Elmore Leonard is one of my top three favorite writers and the opportunity to correspond with him via Barnes & Noble’s message boards was one of my highlights of the year.

Your Monday Prompt #41

I really like this prompt. It’s the sort of prompt I should be upset with myself for not actually trying. I hope you do better with it than I have so far.

Hai to the Ku

Barry created a fun little Twitter application that creates haiku poems out of tweets. I don’t know much about Twitter but it’s a neat gadget to try.

I saw Zero 7 in concert

I like this post because I came home from the concert and immediately felt like writing.

A Storyteller Passes Away

I miss Merlin Dewing.

Here’s hoping I have more than five favorite blog posts in 2010.



Ten favorite blog entries from 2007.

Without intended order, here are ten of my favorite posts at this blog from the past year:

Dust off your forgotten, unfinished writing. – In which I remember an old story I want to revisit.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Story Notes. – What makes workshop notes great and what makes them less than great (and really terrible).

“You words are dead to me,” I (something besides said). – Me vs. the North Carolina education system.

Discovering niche reading/writing websites: LibraryThing. – A post with my initial reaction of a website I now use every day.

Picking and choosing good writing tools. – In which I stumble upon, and comment upon, some tips by Roy Thomas Clark.

Saving ideas and surprising yourself. – Details on how two long-dormant ideas finally came together in one new story.

Poetry can be a gateway to getting prose. – Discovering how poetry language works can really boost your level of prose.

The secret formula’s written on a receipt. – A plea to young writers to always be prepared to scrawl down story ideas.

Why The Road deserves its Pulitzer. – My immediate reaction to reading the latest by Cormac McCarthy.

Scrawlers welcomes RSS. – Some of my favorite people in the world are my subscribers, and that’s you, dear reader. Thank you for reading in 2007 and I look forward to our time together in 2008.


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