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Your Friday Recommendation #31

Today’s recommend is for you to take part in our latest contest over at Full details are at the website, and here’s a copy of the email that went out to members today. Not a member yet? Signing up is free and safe. On to the contest email:

Scrawlers wishes you a safe and relaxing holiday season, as well as the spare moment to get some writing done. As the snow falls here in Minnesota and as the semester break comes for many young writers, winter is definitely on our minds and we hope you’ll enter our new “Dead of Winter” contest.

We’re giving away a copy of Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild and Jack London’s To Build a Fire and Other Stories to one lucky Scralwers writer. Krakauer’s nonfiction novel tells the tale of young Chris McCandless who abandoned his family, bank account, and freshly-earned college degree for a life on the road. The novel culminates in Chris’s journey into the Alaskan wilderness in a story that is equal parts man vs. nature and man vs. self. Jack London’s greatest short stories, fiction or otherwise, are based on his real-life adventures in the Yukon, and the writer served as an inspirational figure to Chris McCandless. Read the short stories that inspired Chris to go on his Alaskan journey and feel the freezing cold of this collection of snowy stories.

Both Into the Wild and To Build a Fire and Other Stories are perfect reading material for those who want to stay indoors on a chilly, snowy evening and are quick enough reads that they can be finished during the semester break. This week at Scrawlers, enter for your chance to win the “Dead of Winter” contest.

Please visit the contest page for entry details:

We’ll announce the winner on Saturday, December 20, 2008. Good luck and get writing!


Barry & Nate


And the winner of the "Back to School" contest is…

09.01.2008 1 comment


Congratulations to Andrew for winning our “Back to School” contest. You can read his winning entry here. Andrew will receive a hardcopy edition of “On Writing” by Stephen King, a book we’ve discussed at The Scrawl several times in the last two years – including it’s appearance last week as Your Friday Recommendation.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest. We’d love to hear from you about your experience. What did you like? What could we improve on? What would you like to see for next time?

Keep writing,


More free books for you to win

If you like our “Back to School” free book contest, then you’ll love the rest of today’s post…

Philip Weiss*, a.k.a. “King Rat,” has scoured the Internet, found a slew of free book contests, and posted them at his blog, Rat’s Reading. I had no idea there are so many websites giving away books these days, but I’m glad to know now and we’re lucky King Rat is archiving them for us. He mentioned our contest and oh, and he’s running his own book giveaways, too.

Another great place to pick up free books is our oft-mentioned favorite virtual bookshelf, LibraryThing. They get early review copies from publishers and in turn pass them on to their registered users to read and hopefully review on their blogs and Amazon. It’s definitely a luck-of-the-draw situation as 350+ people will request one of the ten or so copies available. That said, I’ve picked up two (yeah, yeah, I need to review them here…) and it’s worth a shot.

* (According to Weiss’ bio, his nickname comes from the James Clavell novel, a piece of assigned reading in his high school days. I haven’t picked up any Clavell in a long time but man oh man, was Shogun one of my favorite books in middle school. I must have read that 1300-page spider-smacker a dozen times between 6th-8th grade. I could even speak the tiniest bit of Japanese that I picked up from that book. Well, perhaps not proper pronunciation but…)